Pirnar & Savšek
inženirski biro, d.o.o.
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1420 Trbovlje
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1987 - 1988
This was the period, when we mainly worked on stress and deformation problems of silos, we constructed different types of transport systems, solved hydraulically problems and developed a process vibration measurements in order to find out the state of the machines in the process industry.

1989 - 1992
In this period we carried out a lot of static and dynamic analysis and strength calculations for coal reclaimers. Apart from that, we did our first development projects for our partners in Germany (material handling machines, where we have made stress-deformation analysis for all main steel parts.

1993 – 1995
Our good reputation and the trust in our knowledge led us to Caterpillar, where we cooperate in the development of new mobile excavator generation for European market. In addition, we also completed our first engineering services for the producer of mobile excavators and other different types of mobile industrial machines and cranes, company Sennebogen.

1996 – 2000
In that time, we continued to cooperate with German business partners. Previous professional experiences gave us energy for realizing our vision that is to help our business partners to be competitive on the market by means of the right technical solutions. In addition, our field of work was in that period also construction of antenna towers and wind measures structures.

2001 – 2005
In that period we continue our cooperation with some companies from Germany and Slovenia. We are pleased that we could support their efforts to develop competitive products with innovative and reliable technical solutions.

2006- 2007
Our staff is well-trained, we encourage them to be innovative and initiative and we constantly introduce new technologies. Our engineers have rich high experiences in technical consulting, finite element analyses (FEA), 3-D modeling and workshop drawings. We are well-trained to use technical software, such as ANSYS, PRO/E, Solid Works and AutoCAD. Apart from that, we complete our engineering services also with vibration and strain gauge measurements. Above all, we continue our cooperation with companies from Europe and share our experiences and theoretical knowledge with their development departments.


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